food with monochrome pog


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  1. borna says:


  2. bennett says:

    point of clarification – can these pogs be both gradients and monochrome, or are those two qualities mutually exclusive?

    also these make me think of the spinners metaphor, but like pre-emptive infinite spinning: eg “I went to make some bean dip, but I found I had made it before I even knew that I wanted it.” or “I went to prepare some alfredo, but its ready already”

    maybe whatever food processor this is advertising involves time travel, or does it just cause you to time-travel as it saves you so much time (preparing fresh chicken salad)?

  3. borna says:

    gradients and monochrome are mutually exclusive. unless you would like to argue that all flat colors are actually gradients between two instances of the same color.

    i was thinking in the case of these pogs that i could blame the gradient on flash photography.

  4. borna says:

    also, if you squint at it, the “chop onions” pog kinda looks like a single kernel of popcorn.

  5. jeff says:

    this comment serves as an online version of a real-life agreement between Borna and I that Bennett’s nu-Spinners framework is d-d-dope

  6. borna says:

    otherwise known as “eprops.”

  7. borna says:

    another instance of “i didn’t do it so it’s done already” :

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