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Borna is a town in the Free State of Saxony, Germany, capital of the Leipzig district. It is situated approx. 30 km southeast of Leipzig. It has approx. 21,000 inhabitants.
also known as Borna, Germany
part of German Democratic Republic, Germany, Saxony
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Borna a.k.a. Boro Language is a human language.
also known as Scinacia, Shinasha, Bworo
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Borna virus – definition of Borna virus in the Medical dictionary – by …
a geographically restricted virus disease of horses and occasionally sheep, characterized by a uniformly fatal encephalomyelitis. Clinically it is characterized by …
Borna disease – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Borna disease is an infectious neurological syndrome of warm-blooded animals, caused by Borna disease virus, which causes abnormal behaviour and fatality.
Borna disease virus – definition of Borna disease virus by the Free …
(Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Veterinary Science) Vet science a viral disease of mammals, especially horses, caused by a member of the Flaviviridae …
Borna disease | Define Borna disease at
borna disease —n. vet science a viral disease of mammals, especially horses, caused by a member of the Flaviviridae and characterized by the development of …
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Vitamin D and Cholesterol (2009)

by David S. Grimes, Dr David Grimes
Borna is a town close to Leipzig in Germany, where 2000 horses of the Prussian cavalry died in 1885 in a mysterious epidemic. The disease has recently been recognised as being caused by a virus that now bears the name of the town.

The Encyclopedia of Infectious Diseases (2007)

by Carol Turkington, Bonnie Ashby
Borna disease virus 31 the same as those that occur with a tetanus-diphtheria vaccine. However, pain at the injection site was more common with adolescents who received Boostrix. Other side effects included brief headaches, fever, and …

The Dictionary of Virology (2009)

by Brian W. J. Mahy
Borna disease virus (BDV) The only species in the genus Bornavirus. Named after a town in Saxony where the first major outbreak in horses occurred. Negative-strand RNA virus which produces persistent infection in a variety of experimental …

The London encyclopaedia, or, Universal dictionary of science, art, literature, and practical mechanics, by the orig. ed. of the Encyclopaedia metropolitana [T. Curtis]. (1839)

by Thomas Curtis (of Grove house sch, Islington)
BORNA, a town in the circle of Leipzic, and kingdom of Saxony, situated between two arms of the W’iehra, on the road from Leipzic to Altenburg.

Borna, being nearly burnt to the ground in 1750, has been since rebuilt in a much neater style.

Desk Encyclopedia of General Virology (2009)

by Brian W. J. Mahy, Marc H. V. Van Regenmortel
Borna viruses: BDV, Borna disease virus. Filoviruses: MARV, Lake Victoria marburgvirus; REBOV, Reston ebolavirus; SEBOV, Sudan ebolavirus; ZEBOV, Zaire ebolavirus Metapneumoviruses: AMPV, avian metapneumovirus; HMPV, human …

London encyclopaedia; or, Universal dictionary of science, art, literature and practical mechanics (1829)

comprising a popular view of the present state of knowledge by Thomas Tegg
BORNA, a town in the circle of Leipzic, and kingdom of Saxony, situated between two arms of the Wiehra, on the road from Leipzic to Altenburg.

Borna, being nearly burnt to the ground in 1 750, has been since rebuilt in a much neater style.

Black’s Veterinary Dictionary (1998)

by Edward Boden, Geoffrey Philip West

Encyclopedia of Genetics, Genomics, Proteomics, and Informatics (2008)

by George Rédei
▷RBM, ▷head/face/brain defects Borna Virus: An enveloped negative‐strand, non‐segmented RNA virus with inverted terminal repeats (see Fig. B53). Its genome is replicated and transcribed in the nucleus of warm‐blooded animals, …

The New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Thought: Morality-Petersen (2006)

by Samuel MacAuley Jackson
Stadt Borna, pp . 65-72, Borna, 1849. NO: A name used for the Egyptian city Thebes in Jer. xlvi.

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Borna Sammak installation at Best Buy
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Anthony P & Borna
Photo credit: Scootie

Photo credit: Bennett 4 Senate
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June 24th, 2011

I had a dream that I was in Baltimore at an auction of works by Borna.

it consisted of two main things:

the first where he had painted the front of a baltimore row house white, and then had somehow very seamlessly projected various red hues onto it, thus in photographs (taken at night) it looked as if he had painted it very carefully, slightly different shades, over and over.

there was also a crazy black and white video that was like a weird cut up of remakes of scenes from old 40s and 50s movies where Borna had somehow cast very famous contemporary actors (tom hanks, Don’s wife on Mad Men) to re-enact these old scenes, but do it all wacky, like Buster Keaton style, with stupid fake moustaches, etc… mixed in with weird computer-generated geometric pattern stuff that was also processed to look exactly like it fit in with the original videos.

so the auction gets underway and there’s a lot of excitement because there are a few families there, notably one filled with older black women, who are big supporters of Borna’s work and its expected that these pieces are gonna go for a pretty big price. The bidding goes back and forth and is going really high (notably the auctioneer says “fourteen hundred thousand, fifteen hundred thousand” which seems like a weird way to say 1.5 million?) The work hangs at ‘sixteen hundred thousand’ until the guy sitting next to me, a clueless looking young blonde French guy who I’ve been chatting with, gets out a piece of paper to write a bid down on and show to the auctioneer. At first he gets it wrong and puts $1,599,999, the he re-writes it to $1,600,001, and then he wins the bid. Ebay style tactics. Everyone is all bummed because somehow they all know he works for some corporate entity, so Borna will not be getting the local support. The auctioneer asks the guy and he says that he works for Northwest Airlines, as their art buyer.

I asked him how he got into that (sounds like a cool job) and he starts to go on and on about his double masters and PhDs in art history and blah blah blah and he’s clearly more into himself than Borna or the work so I stop paying attention.