7 Responses to “PAINT BY HEX NUMBERS”

  1. seecoy says:

    submission for possible color-
    looks like this.

    (made in fi5erworks)

  2. evan says:

    Oh shit! I slept on that one, thanks. That’s my new favorite color.

  3. seecoy says:

    related story: my little sister (9yrs old) asked me couple days ago what my favorite color was- i told her i didn’t have one. then she kept asking so i was finally like, zero zero F F zero zero … and she thought that was cool

  4. ricky says:

    printf (haha);

    return 0

  5. daniel says:

    for (i = 0, i

  6. bateman says:

    int ricky, bateman, quitter;
    for (ricky=0; ricky

  7. ricky says:

    i know im a quitter, farbood was too much for me

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