TMNT intro pan (re-constructed)


7 Responses to “TMNT intro pan (re-constructed)”

  1. bennett says:

    (tracky is this what you were talking about?)

  2. borna says:


  3. borna says:

    i mean thief.

  4. bennett says:

    I didn’t know if you had actually made it or if Tracky was speaking in metaphor, so I decided to make it just to be sure.

  5. jeff says:

    double happiness is in HD these days

  6. Tracky B says:

    HEYYY! you ARE a thief bennett. but yeah this is what i was talking about. and just in case your also gonna steal the name kinderschnitzel from me i set up a blog:

  7. jeff says:

    in this age of fuck copyright, there should be a formula for determining when an idea is so good it must be pre-done to avoid lapses of foreign-party entropy

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