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  1. jeff says:

    want a print

  2. jeff says:

    actually, I also had a dream that this was secretly really easy. like say, on the level of default output from some lame proprietary program…the Lego creator, or something

  3. bennett says:

    haha hey Jeff you don’t have a copy of “Borna’s Power Goo?”
    its the bomb proprietary “photoshop jackoff art” program.

    (B, no diss. I like it. I just also wanted to bring to light the fact that you coined the phrase “photoshop jackoff art”)

  4. borna says:

    haha no offense taken. this is definitely bordering really close on the edge of photoshop jackoff art.

  5. borna says:

    I had a dream last night that Ricky killed himself right infront of me. Shot himself in the head.

  6. Tracky B says:

    Too much visual sensation… getting… watery… eyes…. Must…. fight…… the….. stimulus……

  7. RRRR says:

    This rules. More of this. Wit goo.

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