stay dusty

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  1. bennett says:

    Now this trip’s to let you know the Underground can flow
    Wiggle toe to toe with any bro that wants to go
    But those who go need to know that we’re an elite fleet
    Of very unique MC’s and as a treat Jeremy programmed a beat
    That I could flow on. I’ma go on; the D Train’s about to roll on
    The day I pulled out my fat marker and I wrote on
    The windows of the train bout to do the walls
    Had to pause, cause: two police
    I finished just get on, I barely fit on: the train was packed
    We’re standing back-to-back cause there was nothing left to sit on
    I’m looking around to see who’s down – realize I’m all alone
    Mostly people coming home from work, a couple of sisters and a fag
    Yes, this would have been a drag
    but I’m chilling with my tall can in my brown bag
    And I’m sipping, your boy Shock was cold dipping
    Sipping real slow and dipping real low so 5-O don’t be tripping
    Check it though, a minute or two later
    I finished my brew with nothing to do, broke out cold made a
    Pimp move to the next car looking for trouble
    Rub the stubble under my chin and squeezed in between
    A pair of big, bubble butt freaks:
    Two Russet potato and bacon eating sisters
    One had too much make-up on but yo, I didn’t diss her
    Cause she was kind of cool though
    Both of them was cool enough to do you know
    We picked more people up at Broadway Station
    Being down I had to clown and make use of a situation
    So I’m rubbing the girls booty behind me
    Right near the bottom where the booty and thigh meet
    My middle finger’s riding down the line of the seam of her jeans
    But she don’t seem to mind me
    But then she shocked me, almost clocked me
    Tried to slap me, caught her hand and said
    “You better be glad my name is Shock-G,
    Cause if my name was Dre, from NWA
    I’d cold slap your ass and tell you have a nice day.”
    She said, “Shock-G! Wait a minute, I know that name
    I seen you on Arsenio, what you doing on the train?”
    I said “I’m trying to stay normal.” She said “Really? That’s a winner,
    I’m studying law, don’t live too far, would love to cook you dinner.”
    I said “Cool. Bring your friend, I like the both of youse two.”
    I knocked the boots, the sneakers and the house-shoes
    It’s like that baby, ya don’t stop
    Cause my name is Shock you know that I like to rock
    One time
    Yeah, you got the sound of the Underground
    doing it to you in your ear orifice
    (Yeah, don’t you know the Underground’s doin it to ya flowin on the
    Yo, 2Pac is in the house. Got a big grin on his face
    Jay-Z, cut that shit up stupid

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