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  1. ricky says:

    shit the one picture that looked like kafka didn’t load

  2. jeff says:

    duly fixed / un-hotlinked

    and I think we need to tap into this psychic league, whose entry requirements include kai’s power goo and corner text sponsorship

  3. borna says:

    Adobe Liquefy : Kai Power Goo :: Nabisco Oreo : Sunshine Hydrox

  4. borna says:


  5. jeff says:

    not super familiar with the politics of digital liquidization, but I feel like I have never heard of Adobe Liquefy? Maybe that is because I have been a Mac user?

  6. borna says:

    it’s a filter in photoshop.

  7. borna says:


  8. Bennett says:

    this comment brought to you by “internet TV” @ the Zermatt Villa.

    Love from Utah,

  9. Bennett says:

    this comment brought to you by “internet TV” @ the Zermatt Villa.

    Love from Utah,

  10. Jasmin Tsou says:

    “…The novels of Sedagh Hedayet —especially his masterwork “The Blind Owl”—has a Kafkaesque quality…”
    From ‘Fight the power’ by Tariq li, “The Guardian”, April 23, 2005

  11. Jasmin Tsou says:

    “…This is the strange and Kafka-esque story of how I ended up on an anger-management course…”
    From ‘Jaque Peretti’s down with the kids’ by Jacque Peretti. ‘The Guardian’, April 23, 2005

  12. Jasmin Tsou says:

    “…Then things become terribly Kafkaesque, with reference to castles and borders which clearly have some symbolic import…”
    From ‘Flashes of light in the darkness’ by Sara Adams & Alfred Hickling, The Gaurdian, May 7, 2005

  13. Jasmin Tsou says:

    “It’s horrible, it’s ridiculous, it’s Kfakaesque,” Ms. Wolf said, “They had this evidence.” She added: “He should have been locked up immediately. What if he were a serial killer? It could have been me.” From “DNA Test Leads, at Last, to Arrest in Cape Cod Case” by Pam Belluck, The New York Times, April 16, 2005

  14. Jasmin Tsou says:

    “If I read the articles about me, and I didn’t know me, I would think I was Satan.” The experience, he said, has been “Kafkaesque”
    From “A Lobbyist in Full” by Michael Cowley, The New York Times, May 1, 2005

  15. Jasmin Tsou says:

    “…le maillon faible du triptyque, les espaces confinés de Jenufa et la fascinant d´cour kafkaïen en mouvement perpétuel de Makropoulos disent parfaitement l’esprit de culpabilité villageois… From ,,Janacek trois fois au sommet.. par Christian Merlin Le Figaro, 24 mai 2005

  16. Jasmin Tsou says:

    “the narrator’s key relationship with someone referred to only as ‘K’ adds Kafkaesque overtones.”
    From ‘The dead mouse dilemma’ by Alfred Hickling, The Gaurdian, Febuary 25, 2006

  17. Jasmin Tsou says:

    “Kafkaesque Appeals” From “Desperate Search for Justice: One man vs. China” by Jim Yardley, The New York Times, November 12, 2005

  18. Jasmin Tsou says:

    all that and more collected by Louis Lüthi

  19. flic says:

    Love Kafka’s (pictured) fingernails!

  20. ricky says:

    was the term dubbed in ’05?

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