Dear facebook doppleganger: its been one crazy semester

Fall semester 2007 in the life of a gay, black, freshman, Wisconsinite, facebook-user me, in screenshots.


6 Responses to “Dear facebook doppleganger: its been one crazy semester”

  1. borna says:

    ahahaha this is so awesome.

  2. borna says:

    facebook group: gay wrestling photos
    bright colored product thumbnails

    and this:

  3. ricky says:

    “amen break”

  4. jeff says:

    I always love the projects where there was a point at which collection of a specific type of thing becomes warranted

    It also reminds me of this thing that Cristina always does called “Dear Jambase,” where she dictates fictional letters to the jam-till-U-die website

  5. justin says:

    this is an amazing post. you should be thankful you were blessed with such a cool doppleganger. i friended my fb other a few years ago and really made an effort to be his friend, but he was just way into like jeeps and the daterape drug.

  6. bennett says:

    yeah at least he is flamboyant and fun, right? FYI….Blacks Do Read.

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