healing process

peep the hot new update on the “9-11 and the Internet” page (link———->)

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  1. seecoy says:

    don’t know if you’ve seen this one…. http://www.minibite.com/america/payback.htm
    usa, usa, usa-o!!!!

  2. jeff says:

    wow bennett, donno how many of those images on the page are recent, but there is some good shit there

    I wonder at what point in the “Nationalism Metaphors => Opaque Photoshop Layers” method does it all begin to blur into the tru meaning of lyfe

  3. bboorrnnaa says:

    this past week i’ve been noticing some public-art sculptures (of columns breaking, in different ways) that i feel like have been there as long as i can remember but i can’t decide if they are pre or post 9-11 works.

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