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  1. tom moody says:

    Really nice. I had no idea what they were until I right-clicked to save the image.

  2. bennett says:

    sick – good find. I have 307 and one close to 511. this is mesmerising

  3. borna says:

    511 is a little lackluster.

    personally, i’m really into 636

  4. bennett says:

    thanks for insulting me on the street and on the internet about my choice of socks.
    To clarify, mine are LIKE 511 – but without the white band in between. Equally sized bands of red and navy on a white sock.

  5. jeff says:

    are flag colors copyrighted? or generally, do nationalities have any jurisdictions as entities in foreign court systems?
    Germany vs. #’s 346 and 349 (yes, it is true that it is not exactly the same)

  6. marisa says:

    i would totally wear 951 or 953. 500/501 and 506/507 are also pretty tite.

    good find!

  7. borna says:

    500 and 501 are real nice. on a similar tip i kinda like 351.
    i like 329 too, though i fear that they’re a little too classic.

    jeff – as far as das 346, i don’t think germany can stake much claim against the toes of little league ice hockey players.

    BUT do you think if we put in an order tomorrow we could get a bunch of these shipped before the sleepover?

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