nothing much to report

other than that I’m posting on an iPhone from the worst paety I’ve ever been to. I’m pretty drunk there’s definedwlt a learning curve to these thinggZ

2 Responses to “nothing much to report”

  1. borna says:

    the notion of posting from an iphone was much more humorous to me last night than it is right now.

  2. jeff says:

    for this comments thread, I challenge anyone to make anything remotely clever pertaining to the iPhone (which has not been done before, like anything with an “i” in it). I realize that clever is not always the goal, but it would seem a good start. Apple deserves some sorta thoughtful critique, well-designed though their stuff may be
    (critically looking at modern computing seems undercovered compared to retro/dirt/netstyles).

    even though they’re cool to show at worst paety’s

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