fuck them stairs

“Well….this is me”

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  1. ricky says:

    Saxophone in pop/rock songs is fantastic. Admit it, you agree. There is no denying the sultry sounds of the almighty brass woodwind. It is particularly alluring when placed alongside a wailing guitar or used as a breakdown to really push a song to unimaginable new heights.

    With that in mind myself and Paul Hinman present to you Sax On The Beach : The Horny Mix, a compilation of contemporary rock / pop songs featuring the saxophone in some way. The style of saxophony integration ranges from prominent rhythm piece to mind-blowing bridge solo to all out cacophony of sound.

    Some might look down on you for listening to such progressive sounds but fear not – you are superior to any naysayer with this mix in the deck. Don’t fret your musical cred because without a thread of irony, this saxophone mix will carry you through the worst of times.

    An unimaginable amount of gratitude goes to Paul for helping me brainstorm and compile songs – not to mention joining me in the fight for saxophone superiority.

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