bad news

I found this videotape of me on MTVu’s the Freshmen from like 2004. On the show we watched new videos and said funny things about them and I totally remembered that on the show we watched the video for Still Tippin’. I remember saying bad things about it. I was hoping to find this tape so I could use it as the source material for some sort of official video apology (response video?) to Mike Jones, Paul Wall, et. al.; a way to kind of formally retract my criticisms now that I am way down with Swishahouse and Texas rap in general.
Still Tippin’:

turns out that we didn’t even watch that video on the show. I had just somehow always remembered it that way. The only rap video that we watched was Nitty’s Nasty Girl. Which was pretty worthless, and certainly hasn’t gotten better since I last saw it.
Nitty’s Nasty Girl:

too bad.

8 Responses to “bad news”

  1. jeff says:

    the screwed version of still tippin is basically the game killer. even 4 years later. especially the paul wall verse. 281 330 8004 HIT MIKE JONES UP ON THE LOW CAUSE MIKE JONES ABOUT TO BLOW

  2. emily says:

    that video is definitely the peak of slim thug’s hotness (and career).

  3. jeff says:

    I want to see the nitty nasty video with you in it

  4. bennett says:

    dude I want to see me in that too but unfortunately they just use a kind of picture-in-picture effect so I didn’t get anywhere near the boobies.

    btw i was so disappointed that I didn’t even bring the tape back with me.

  5. RRRR says:

    44s im tippin wood grain im grippin catch me lane switchin with the paint drippin turn your neck and your dame missin
    me and slim we aint trippin im finger flippin and syrup sippin like do or die i’m cold pimpin car stops rims keep spinnin

    fucking classic. seriously one of my maybe 30 favorite songs ever. reminds me of eating heavy pills in jersey and steeling weed out of an ememies house then smoking it in his living room.

  6. RRRR says:

    and emily… dead wrong. already platinum was hot to death. slim thug +neptunes beats = platinum toofus. step yr game up and get with them diamonds pressin up against the wood grain grip.

  7. ricky says:

    reed, where did the other two r’s come from?

  8. bennett says:

    I always like that image of diamonds and woodgrain somehow getting pressed up against one another. like if you were in elementary school woodshop class, but you put diamonds and woodgrain up in the press and just squeezed that shit

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