unidentified cereal tool

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  1. tom moody says:

    That thing has long haunted me.

  2. ricky says:

    same with me tom

  3. bennett says:

    its called a honey dipper, but other than that I could find little about its purported benefits. It probably made more sense back when people had honey pots (ie before plastic and/or the ‘squeezy bear’).

  4. tom moody says:

    Great, an artifact from our agrarian past now used as a signifier on quasi-food.
    Ricky: twigs, whoa.

  5. borna says:

    yo what do you mean quasi-food???? i love that shit.

  6. tom moody says:

    Sorry, I meant vitamin-fortified crunchy goodness.

  7. bennett says:

    Jeff notes that this box of Kashi “Good Friends” surprisingly features a non-interracial couple (of friends).

    A box featuring Tom and Ricky would seem to be similarly un-diverse, buy Ricky’s Puerto-Rican heritage qualifies it.

  8. ricky says:

    yo bennett get on that. like the ynwie/woot post but with me and moody chillin on a box of good friends

  9. ricky says:


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