Double Happiness Outpost: Vern Troyer Sex Tape

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  1. bennett says:

    weird – I just saw Verne Troyer’s appearance in the 2000 anniversary Playboy as Mini-Hef today.

    “Q: Do you think Mini-Me is bootylicious?

    A: I’m sure. [Just by] being able to be invited to the Playboy mansion.

    Q: You know every heterosexual man is probably jealous of you. How did you get invited to the Playboy mansion?

    A: Hef liked [The Spy Who Shagged Me], and I got the opportunity to go there. Shortly afterward, I got to be part of the Millennium Issue doing a spread playing Mini-Hef. It was probably the best five days of my life. “

  2. jeff says:

    this is next level

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