rival snack squad


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  1. jeff says:

    I was about to cite the perennial inquiry about who is the webmaster of crips.com and what they had to do to get into the crips, but I just visited, and it is something totally and completely different (but wonderful!)

  2. borna says:

    ahahahahahaha bennett, i just got the last picture you posted. totally missed it the first time.

  3. mikem says:

    Jeff – crips.com is indeed a wonderful site, but also leaves me concerned that inner city gang organizations are not taking advantage of new platforms to increase gang membership and violence both on and off the net.

  4. takashi murakami says:

    i wonder if the owners of crips.com and bloods.com can be sued for cybersquatting.

  5. bennett says:

    T – I’m surprised your english is so good

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