Desktop Paralysis Exposé

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  1. borna says:


    also, worth checking out: TOMLAZAR.COM


    A while ago i was thinking about screen captures as art, or atleast as something to frame and put up around my house. I quickly decided that was stupid.
    However, this year’s senior catalogue from the New Media Department at Hongzhou Academy (big art school in China) was all screen shots of various projects in progress. It was kind of cool, I thought.

  2. bennett says:

    borna-> always comin’ through with the close reading.

    ricky-> these are crazy, you should make some yourself. Does expose work with sticky notes? (I never use expose) cause then you could get maaaad little windows of different colors. or just some way to have basic colors in a series of windows, thus that they make an interesting color filed when ‘exposed’.

  3. ricky says:

    yeah I think it works with sticky notes. tonight when im drunk ill make a few of my own

  4. jeff says:

    “myspace” + “my car,” an expose
    Myspace car pictures = Nerd expose demos

  5. borna says:

    not exactly the same, but related.

    snapz fucking my day up:

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