from: Down South Heads: How you like your drank/lean??

It is easy to imagine how the real world might be misconstrued if forum etiquette was the only lasting artifact from the internet.

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  1. borna says:

    08-17-06, 01:26 PM
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    lean aint that great man, at best ull get the best sleep that u havent had in a long time cuz all it does it get u tired then a mother****er. smoke a beezee or two maybe even dip it if u like but thatll only add on to the tiredness that ull be feeling. dont listen to the songs man, why do a drug that will tire ur ass out when u tryna kick it n ****?

  2. bennett says:

    I have been listening to a lot of Three 6 Mafia this week, this thread happens to conincide beautifully. I read the whole thing, it just gets better and better.

    btw Jeff they got you up on the “BLUE DRANK”

    Originally Posted by BlueisBallin
    Yeah tha shyt is gonna get any n1gga THROWED ya feel me? Try to get them triple stacc bars too. It’s just what it sounds like it’s like 3 bars stacced together. Oh an yeah if you gonna use ice the get tha crushed shyt that look like broken plexi glass. Little tiny cubes an shyt. An unless you aint drunk drank wit jolly ranchers before, just use the same flavor the first time cause the taste is diffrent. Holla at cha boy.

    them jolly ranchers gonna change the whole taste of the drank? I’ll cop a big bag and throw some blue ones in then

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