Ernie Barsamian

check him out, his page is really good; Ernie’s Homepage.
this guy is unreal. updated on may 21st 2007, no less.

we need to think of a name for this genre of personal homepage.

7 Responses to “Ernie Barsamian”

  1. ricky says:

    oh man

  2. evan says:

    it’s a cornucopimpia

  3. jeff says:

    it’s sort of chrono-auto-biography…not quite a blog not quite a homepage…I am tempted to add the prefix “geo” to that becuase of the quasi-geographical reference inferred by AOL Hometown and similar geography inspired homepage hosters ( N stuff)

  4. jeff says:

    yo, did you see his tan?

  5. borna says:

    the finest.

  6. borna says:

    whoa, nice research.

    i guess having a homepage is the best way to increase google visibility.

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