and all i got was this lousy acronym

Remember R.I.C.K.Y  
 R.emember I.nhalants K.ill Y.ou
Educationit molds our children’s lives and shapes their future.

4 Responses to “and all i got was this lousy acronym”

  1. j says:

    scrolling through carelessly this reads:

    I DIED

  2. bennett says:

    HOOOOOOOAH ucking ntense – ever orget

  3. sharsten says:

    oh borna. jesus you can make me laugh. so i hope to count on ur ‘blog’ here and what not to do so post our 5th floor passings or else i dont know what i will do without some hilarity like this. love, leatherman

  4. sharsten says:

    you comment is awaiting moderation.

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