this just in –

all asian photo-op interrupted by oblivious asian walking crew.

**sent to the Double Happiness Tip Line by Ryan Geoffry Daniels

10 Responses to “inevitabilities”

  1. bennett says:

    Or maybe this is more of a Lawrence Weiner-style post:

  2. borna says:

    nah, i feel more like the new york times.
    telling you about shit what happened.

  3. jeff says:

    making its way towards Hall_Of_Fame

  4. borna says:


  5. bennett says:

    This morning in Brooklyn, Bennett imitated the New York Times by writing about things that are happening in the present as if they had just happened in the immediate past.

  6. Mr. Dad says:

    DH Tip Line? here’s a tip: get a job!

  7. bennett says:

    we have a red phone connected directly to the Pope

  8. borna says:

    and a purple phone connected directly to John Sexton.

  9. jeff says:

    [Lil Jon:]
    Snap ya fingers and then rock wit it
    Do it, do it, do it, do it, gon drop wit it
    Do a step wit it, put ya hips wit it
    All my ladies let me see ya put a twist wit it
    You can’t do like me, I’m by myself
    I do it so good, I don’t need nobody else
    What’s happenin’, what’s up
    Got da purp fired up

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