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  1. bennett says:

    rhizome commission proposal 2009-

    “I want to have sex with everyone on the L train.”


  2. jeff says:

    L Train Ridership in 2005 = 30,452,319

    Time between scheduled trains:

    Morning and evening rush hours 4 mins. = 60 trains (4ish rush hours total)
    Midday 8 mins. = 60 trains (8ish midday hours total)
    Overnight 20 mins. = 36 trains (12ish?? overnight hours)
    ==156 trains per day, total
    ====530 people per train on average
    ======if you assumed that a prototypical rider only goes to-and-fro on a given day, that is 41,000 “unique” riders on a given day
    ========good luck borna

  3. borna says:


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