SNAX WAR: Pre-emptive strike Crunchabungas

sounds like something
you might flick off
your own asshole

5 Responses to “SNAX WAR: Pre-emptive strike Crunchabungas”

  1. jeff says:

    I like your wording; it makes me wonder whether maybe the intention was that you would flick off of someone else’s asshole or maybe the turtles would flick off of your asshole

  2. jeff says:

    and, were this product made today, would there be a “naturally pizza flavored corn snack”? would it be grosser or better?

  3. bennett says:

    yeah or an “Artificially Corn Flavored Pizza Snack”

  4. tracky says:

    I remember the first time we were in the US my little brother bought these ninja turles crackers (was it those?) and that same night he came out of the bathroom yelling “I have green shit! I have green shit! My shit’s all green!!!” That experience influenced how I think about this country. I told all my friends at school that in america they eat weird shit that makes you poo have funny colors.

  5. borna says:

    tracky – whoa.

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