Pregnant & Strangled

(The only two censored words on Ready To Die)

5 Responses to “Pregnant & Strangled”

  1. borna says:

    I can tell you why…

  2. bennett says:


    also, maybe evan’s dubhap+Biggie ongoing conceptual project is just operating on a larger timeframe than I am able to perceive.

  3. ricky says:

    time is hard to perceive sometimes

  4. bennett says:

    yeah I’m saying, its kind of like “I don’t know why he posts about this, but I trust that its God/Evan’s way, which I don’t understand but I still pray.”

  5. borna says:

    also, the use of reversal as censorship technique is more clear when played back[ward] in the “pregnant” clip rather than the “strangled” one.

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