Pizza Bagels (screwed and chopped)

8 Responses to “Pizza Bagels (screwed and chopped)”

  1. Riley says:

    That high note in the first “you can eat PIZZA anytime” is going to pop up in my head whenever I hear someone say the word ‘pizza’ now; for this, I thank you.

  2. borna says:

    this rules so much.

  3. borna says:


  4. Mr. Siriano says:

    Pizza just got a whole lot sexier.

  5. […] Wow. I forgot how catchy a jingle this was.  This piece of nostalgia is brought to you by the fine curators at Double Happiness. […]

  6. RFKorp says:

    I’m totally looping this track at the office right now while I scan files. And it’s seriously making me crave the nostalgia of pizza bagels. Do they even make those things anymore?

  7. Isaac says:

    ballr za, yun

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